The Sweetening

Written, Directed and Starring GRACE ROWE

Executive produced by Pedro Pascal

Based on the feature film, "VIRTUALLY," (currently in development as a TV series), The Sweetening centers around Sadie, a lonely and depressed woman who gets involved in the beta testing of a virtual reality program and falls for an avatar. Also starring Matt Houston, Michael Jaworski, Liza Cosier, Kay Benjamin, Sadie and Grace Hazelett, and CJ Uy.  This cerebral sci-fi short has been accepted into numerous film festivals around the U.S. and recently won the Audience Choice Award for Best Sci-fi Film Short from The Atlanta Sci-fi Film Festival, presented by IMAX. And Best Cinematography Award from the Sacramento Asian Film Festival!

Grace Rowe originally wrote the feature script as a comedic indie film, but halfway through the crowdfunding campaign, she had an epiphany and re-wrote it into a much darker story.  The re-worked script kept the same name, but she changed the short film's title to "THE SWEETENING," a metaphor of how technology can improve our lives, and at the same time be unsatisfying.​